Kind words from our clients

Vincent is one of those rare persons who is so obviously working in a field that utilizes his innate passion, talents, and strengths to create an almost imperceptible boundary between character and professionalism. Several years later, I continue to reap the benefits of my work with Vincent and recommend him highly and without reservation to others. One of the most powerful aspects of my work with Vincent was the way he allowed me to define my own reality and experience. This isn’t to say he did not bring his own expertise, wisdom, and insight into the sessions–because he absolutely did. This also isn’t to say he allowed me to remain stuck and spinning and lost within the same internal thought and emotional patterns that weren’t working for me anymore–because he absolutely did not. What I mean, when I say that Vincent allowed me to define my own experience, is that I never felt second-guessed or put on the defensive as I brought issues to the table each week–I felt respected, validated and believed. This, in and of itself, was HUGE, healing, and transformative after years of trying to navigate, nurture, and sustain a deteriorating marriage in which I had been blamed, discounted, minimized, stonewalled, and blamed some more.” – S.L (7/9/19)

I truly cannot recommend Vincent Staraci enough or more highly! I’ve been in counseling off and on since I was 14 years old and I’ve had never such a positive or healing experience with any other therapist. His skill, compassion, kindness, and understanding greatly impacted my ability to heal and also understand long-held feelings and behaviors. He gave me great perspective shaping thoughts and some new language for feelings and past experiences which has been very empowering. My experience has been life-changing and freeing. I left counseling feeling more confident and balanced than I ever have before. I’m very, very thankful!” – Susie E (10/25/18)

Several years ago a dear friend recommended Hosanna Counseling and Vincent Staraci to me. I didn’t pursue his recommendation immediately, yet, I should have given it credence sooner. After some time I finally called and set up an appointment to meet with Vincent. Over the next almost year-and-a-half I was fortunate to work through many issues with such caring mental health professionals. Each session was meaningful, and never once did I feel as if we were not working towards one of my goals. I highly recommend Vincent and the rest of the Hosanna Counseling staff to anyone who needs help navigating the small and big issues of life.” – Hunter S. (8/4/14)

My fiance and I saw Vincent in 2012 weekly for 2 months of pre-marital counseling and then continued the counseling for the first 3-4 months of our marriage. He helped us set goals for the sessions and did a great job of really listening to us. He always gave us the space to tell him his observations weren’t true to how we felt, but most often he was spot on. I always felt like we walked away with new insights about me/us and we would continue to process throughout the next week.  I continued seeing him for another 6 months on my own as I realized during our marriage sessions that there were anxieties I had never dealt with or even realized I had. I moved during the 6 months and we continued our sessions over the phone, which was a huge relief to me as I did not want to start over with someone new. Vincent is flexible and so easy to work with. At the end of our counseling, I felt I had truly accomplished the goals we set and felt armed with the tools and experiences to live whole-heartedly, without letting fear or anxiety run my life. I am so thankful for Vincent and the role he played in helping us set a strong foundation for our marriage and for my own individual life. I am a healthier individual, and wife because of my work with Vincent. He is absolutely worth the time and money.” – Courtney A. (3/20/13)

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